Tomorrow Girls is a realistic fiction series about four girls who have to learn to count on each other to survive. In a crazy war, Louisa and Maddie have to go to a random school with no electronics and no way to communicate with their parents. How would you feel if this happened to you? Well, it's even worse for the girls because this story takes place in a future time period where electronics are everything. When the girls have to write, read books, walk, and learn survival skills, it may take more than electronics to get them through.


There are currently, and only, four books in the Tomorrow Girls series:

1. Behind the Gates

Louisa's book, and the first one in the series.

2. Run for Cover

Rosie's book, the second book in the series.

3. With the Enemy

Evelyn's book, which is the third in the series.

4. Set Me Free

Maddie's book, and the last in the series.