Evelyn's Book


Her name is Evelyn Posner, and her friends call her by that.


According to Louisa Ballinger's description, Evelyn is easily noticeable and beautiful, as shown when she quotes:  "Turning towards the back half of the bus, I notice a pretty girl with dark skin. Her black eyes are intense and her delicate eyebrows V with concentration as she types furiously on a notebook".

Evelyn is also known for wearing braids.


Evelyn is a world-class conspiracy freak and has a strong sense of self-protection and safety. She thinks logically, although sometimes she throws out peculiar theories about things when she is anxious (though they are still logical, they are like creative imaginations and are most unlikely).

Evelyn is described as the most clever in the group, and talks a lot. From the start, she had suspected that Country Manor School was more sinister than it seemed, but nobody but Madeleine Frye believed her "crazy theories", as Rosemary Chavez had put it.

Only when Louisa overhears an Alliance meeting of the teachers at CMS does everyone pay attention to Evelyn's theories. Fortunately, Evelyn had prepared an "escape kit" before the girls had left the school—handedly in case for survival uses. Together, the four girls set out to run away from the school, hoping to get back to their families, and out of the Alliance's grasp. Judging from the way Evelyn thinks, it is suggested that she is careful as well as prudential.

However, she may be stubborn and oblivious to other people's anger, as shown when she argues with Mrs. Brewster. Here is a short dialogue taken and edited from the first book, Behind The Gates, which is from Louisa's point of view:

Evelyn throws up her hands and starts speaking at the same time. "When do we get our phones back?"

"You don't." Mrs. Brewster's voice is clipped. "You wouldn't be able to use them here, anyway. There's not a radio tower for miles. Absolutely no reception. There's not even a TV at the school. Must I remind you that the country is at war? Your parents have paid their hard-earned money to send you to a safe place, away from the threats of the Alliance. Country Manor School is ensuring your safety at all costs."

"That again. Our safety," scoffs Evelyn, loud enough for most of us to hear. "Everything is for our safety."

"That's right, young lady, it is. Your cell phones are of no use to you and may still be trackable by the Alliance. For that reason they are being held in a different facility," Mrs. Brewster explains.

Evelyn turns to me. " If there's no radio tower, how could they pick up a signal?"

Mrs. Brewster's eyes dart towards her disapprovingly. It's clear to me that in less than ten minutes, Evelyn Posner has managed to put herself on Mrs. Brewster's troublemaker list. Something in Mrs. Brewster's voice tells me that she is not a woman to be messed with. I don't understand why Evelyn doesn't realize this.

Early Life

In With The Enemy, Evelyn states that she isn't used to people listening to her; "Does anyone besides Miss Posner have a question?" and "Evelyn, darling, please not tonight; your mother has a headache."  This suggests she might have felt ignored as a child.