Rosie's Book

Name Edit

Her real name is Rosemary Chavez, but her friends call her Rosie. She is called "Hermanita" by her older sister, which means little sister in Spanish.

Appearance Edit

Rosie Chavez is a tall, well-built Hispanic female. She has large dark eyes that go with her long, straight, black hair, which is usually tied back with a gold cord into a high ponytail. She is a Latina and speaks with (though just barely) the clipped beat of a Latin accent.

Personality Edit

Rosie is described as unfriendly and to have a "snooty attitude". However, she is kind and considerate to those she cares about. She thinks that it is her job to take charge and she is really brave.

Rosie takes charge most of the time, and acts as a good leader. She is sometimes bossy, and will get frustrated if someone does not do what she wants them to. She is quite impatient and is easily angered, as Helen describes: "the dark-haired angry girl".

For some period after Madeleine Frye was kidnapped, Rosie was shaken and could not lead the group as well as she had done earlier. The leadership was (unofficially) given to Evelyn Posner, until Rosie was convinced by Evelyn that she was not the cause of Maddie's kidnapping. As Evelyn described: The eyes that meet mine, usually fierce and alive, are empty. Like she is not really there. Even the gold band holding her dark ponytail seems to have lost its glint.

Rosie is determined to find her older sister, Wren, who had disappeared three years ago, for she believed that Wren had ran away with her boyfriend, Ivan. Rosie promised herself that she would not cry until she found Wren, but late in Run For Cover, she broke that promise when Maddie was kidnapped. Rosie had a close relationship with her sister and was heartbroken when she disappeared, as she believed Ivan had led Wren to the Alliance.

In Run For Cover, when Rosie gets the chance to reunite with her sister in an Alliance prison camp (although Wren was not there after all), she gives up the chance, to save the team in fear that the Alliance would find them. This action suggests that she is a responsible leader.

Rosie excels in sports, as Louisa Ballinger quotes: "From the look of her well-muscled arms, she seems to be an athletic type". She is also capable of shooting arrows and has survival skills which can only be competed by Drew, who thinks in almost the same way as Rosie does.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Louisa Ballinger - She did not like Louisa when she first met her, but farther into the series, Rosie respects her and wants her to be safe. Louisa has the best relationship with Rosie in Behind The Gates. Louisa was the first to realize that Rosie has a crush on Drew.

Madeleine Frye - They did not get along well at first, but later in the series, Rosie realized she had a lot in common with Maddie; how they both have lost family members due to the war, and she knows Maddie can be capable of athletics.

Drew - Rosie didn't trust Drew at first, but she eventually does. It's possible that they have a special relationship, since she blushes when Drew compliments her and he blushes if she compliments him. In Run For Cover, they shared moments like in the truck and in the phone booth, when the group was heading towards Chicago. During in the phone booth, Drew told Rosie that he likes keeping up with her. When Rosie and her friends end up hiding in an abandoned mall, it is true that both Rosie and Drew have feelings for each other after they both have a moment holding hands when they both joke with each other about going to a prom/dance. In the end of Run For Cover , Drew tries to comfort Rosie after Maddie is kidnapped.Soon Rosie realizes that she has feelings for Drew.

Back StoryEdit

She was born in Mexico, and has an older sister named Wren. She had to leave after a storm destroyed her hometown, and illegaly cross the border.

All her life was lived in fear of getting caught and, at best, deported back to Mexico with her family, because Immigrants sometimes were proven to be spies.