Tomorrow girls books

This book series is about four girls who live in the year long after today (It is not mentioned exactly what year, but we know its some time after the year 2018). A World War 3 has started and has not ended yet. For their own safety, Evelyn Posner, Louisa Ballinger, Madeleine Frye and Rosemary Chavez are sent by their parents to Country Manor School, far from the war, and far from home.

The four different girls: Evelyn, with a million conspiracy theories; Louisa, who has no idea what in the world is "dangerous"; skinny Maddie, who can't stop complaining; and Rosie, outspoken and atlethic (though sometimes bossy) are unfortunately put into the same room. However, one of Evelyn's theories was right: Country Manor School belongs to the Alliance, the wrong side of the war! Now, the girls are on the run away from the school. They must depend on one another, if they want to survive.

Main Characters

Evelyn Posner

Louisa Ballinger

Madeleine Frye

Rosie Chavez